Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Designing is a Luxury

It was a hot summer, I had joined a new team we all were working towards a new project. To understand the system and to arrive common understanding we were doing prototype and series of discussions with end users. I had a chance to part of design team. In that phase we had a review with our delivery manger. We updated the status like now we are designing the system and the status of the progress. The manager told "Well you have a luxury to design. Have fun." I thought whats the fuck design is essential and I read in all s/w life cycle book there is a design phase. Any way I forgot that statement as my brain was not able to process that statement further.
Then I tried to learn basic design concept, design pattern, Gang of 4 everything I found in internet. Somebody told me no need to reinvent the wheel use the existing solution available in pattern. My problem was to fit a pattern according to my requirement. Well some how I copied from existing design with little modification finished the design before dead line. We had a fantastic feed back in the review meeting. Then we kept it as a monument which we never use.

Its very obvious that developers needs freedom to write their implementation. If I want my design to be implemented its really important developer should understand. We can broadly say 2 things while doing/thinking about a design.
1) If tomorrow there is a change in business rule or a new feature is added, whether it can be plugged easily with out rebuilding the existing classes.
2) How I am going to communicate my idea to the developer, so that developer really can follow it
Still Thinking ....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

ExtJs Another Java Script Frame Work

Recently I was working with ExtJs. Its a really nice cool java script frame work. Its really useful for developers to create Rich Internet Application. The biggest problems with java script is browser compatibility, internationalization and maintain it.
ExtJs has solution for all this problem They work in all major version of browser. It support internationalization
The best thing is ExtJs can go easily with any other java script frame work.
It has inbuilt support for Ajax calls. Handling Json response.
There are some cool component ex: Tree, different Chat  which is very easy to use and feed the data.
of course it support all basic HTML,XML and XSLT.
Happy Coding ...

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

java inside SAP

SAP is known for its enterprise package solution. As they are opening for Java. I had a chance to sneak inside System. In recent days I had a chance to work with SAP enterprise portal and web Dyanpro. The products are built such a way that they support java and ABAP. And final result will be a web application. The main difference is most of the library are available in SAP and as a developer need to reuse them. And SAP give a very strong environment to run the java. Java can run very smoothly inside SAP. Obviously inside SAP java has to compromise some of its freedom. But its OK who doesn't compromise in this world .