Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Apple iCloud first impression

In recent Apple world wide developer conference Apple launched its new cloud service with other major release like lion and ios 5. Well apple is known for its visionary product and game changer in the industry. Specially with recent success of iPhone and iPad. So before iCloud release huge built up happened, Steve Job's medical leave also raised lots of eyebrows. Cloud was not new to the market. Amazon, Google and Microsoft have already entered into the market with their cloud products. I found two features which make iCloud different form competitors.
1) Most of the cloud services available are some form of infrastructure( ex : computing, storage etc) are hosted on clouds. As Steve Job told iCloud is much beyond than a Hard Disc on space. In this case applications are focus rather than the platform.Various application sync with each other over cloud automatically. User doesn't have to do anything extra. Applications will automatically take care of connecting to cloud and syncing the content. In Apple's word "it just work".
2) Sdk of iCloud is open for developers. It means not only those 6 or 7 apps from Apple will be on iCloud, it will be much beyond than that. It will certainly bring out lots of innovation and amazing apps from all over the world to one platform in a nice way. 
I am waiting to have an experience of these and services. 
Oh yes one more thing iCloud is free for everybody :)