Saturday, October 15, 2011

iPhone 4S

After launch of iPhone 4s it disappoints many people who are expecting lots form it. It was a very important event as it took Apple long 13 months and there was no Steve Jobs this time. It’s the first iPhone launched with Out Steve Jobs taking stage. So there were lot of buzz and comparison of Tim Cook’s show with Steve Jobs. 
People expectation from Apple CEO on stage is very high, probably no other company’s product launch can match. There were lots of speculation that next version iPhone will all new design some thing like thinner, big screen etc.
Lets understand the realities, it is certainly very clear no body can step into Steve Jobs shoe. And unfortunately Steve Job can’t take stage anymore due to law of nature. 
And coming to new design, Apple can’t just change the design with each new version. If design change adds significant values then it makes sense. Design change also involves change in manufacturing process. And iPhone 4 is still the sexiest phone available  with respect to design.
With iPhone 4s it catch up with some linear hard ware changes like dual core processor, better antenna and better camera. Yes you can say even Samsung does same thing with each new version.  iPhone 4s comes with iOS 5 and iCloud. Those are phenomenal and game changing. But all of us knew about it before.
The surprise was “Siri”. It is voice recognize system. Which understand what you speak and carry out the task. Voice recoginize system us already there much before. But people don’t use that. The problem with it is we have to remember specific commands or key word and  need to tell it. In case of “Siri” user can talk naturally and Siri figure out what you mean. The words what you speak its not important it looks for the meaning of whole thing.  The beautiful example was “ What is the weather forecast today ? ” and “ Do I need to carry Umbrella today ? “. Siri is smart enough to understand both. Yes that was ground breaking.
It is the future how we interact with Computer. In 80s there were command based interaction, 90s graphical user interface came. The next thing is voice recognize system. Siri is a serious step towards it.
With Siri iPhone 4S is the most amazing device available on earth. 


  1. Nice Summary!!
    When Apple iPhone 4S was released in Australia few days back....people spent 3-days staying in Tend near the shop to grab a piece...Considering it as the last touch given by Steve Jobs.
    Even some people interpreted it as
    iPhone4S = "iPhone For Steve"
    showing respect to the great legend!! :-)

  2. The design of the iPhone 4S is very beautiful and charming.