Monday, October 24, 2011

Let's Talk About FRIDAY

Hi All,

We are now living in a fast growing world. Everyday gives us something new to wonder about and new to think about. And the first thought comes to my mind, what next. And everyday i again start with the same thought...WHAT NEXT....

When the other day i was sitting and having a coffee at a wee hour in office, one of my colleague pointed out that the biggest shock our time has also given birth to probably one of the finest inventions of our time. Used to seeing these technologies in movies like MI and all the Bond movies suddenly this became a beautiful reality of our times. Those who are wondering what i am talking about, yes it is Steve Jobs and SIRI respectively.

Everyone appreciated it and hailed Steve Jobs for this wonderful innovation. But now allow me to go back to that wee hour in office, where my colleague also told me (although rather vaguely) about IRIS. Yes, looking at those bold letters you can find out that this is SIRI in reverse. That is exactly what you find in the app overview in the Android Market. I went and downloaded the app then and there. It was interesting, nothing like SIRI, but still interesting. And the mother of all surprises, it was developed by a small group of individuals in Kochi lead by Narayan Babu after a marathon 8 hour long stretched adrenaline rush ( I rest my case here to the further analysis of my readers about how successful IRIS would be.

But I am not going to bash SIRI nor am I going to praise the team for evolving IRIS. Rather I would like to draw all of your attention to something very interesting that they were developing. Of course the development of IRIS gave them a good exposure to the world, but it simply doesn't make their innovation any less spectacular.

So let's talk about FRIDAY. No no no....not the weekend (It is certainly not a weekend but we always make it one.Gone are the days when Sunday used to be the only weekend...rather the term weekend was non-existent. Anyway, let's focus on the topic). That is what these guys were developing for almost a year now. Before I confuse you with all my explanations, just have a look at the video to see what it is( Doesn't need much more explaining...does it ?

The interesting thing is, this can tell you where you were, when your battery died last time or for that matter when you were talking to your girlfriend :P (Atrocious logic...why would someone like to know that....But you never know). And you know what, you can register for the Hangout in Google+ for this and check out the launch of friday-app. At least Google+ will have some more hits.

Check this out...And I will let you know about the features...till then....

This is Bishnu Signing Off.....

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