Monday, October 24, 2011

Let's Talk About FRIDAY

Hi All,

We are now living in a fast growing world. Everyday gives us something new to wonder about and new to think about. And the first thought comes to my mind, what next. And everyday i again start with the same thought...WHAT NEXT....

When the other day i was sitting and having a coffee at a wee hour in office, one of my colleague pointed out that the biggest shock our time has also given birth to probably one of the finest inventions of our time. Used to seeing these technologies in movies like MI and all the Bond movies suddenly this became a beautiful reality of our times. Those who are wondering what i am talking about, yes it is Steve Jobs and SIRI respectively.

Everyone appreciated it and hailed Steve Jobs for this wonderful innovation. But now allow me to go back to that wee hour in office, where my colleague also told me (although rather vaguely) about IRIS. Yes, looking at those bold letters you can find out that this is SIRI in reverse. That is exactly what you find in the app overview in the Android Market. I went and downloaded the app then and there. It was interesting, nothing like SIRI, but still interesting. And the mother of all surprises, it was developed by a small group of individuals in Kochi lead by Narayan Babu after a marathon 8 hour long stretched adrenaline rush ( I rest my case here to the further analysis of my readers about how successful IRIS would be.

But I am not going to bash SIRI nor am I going to praise the team for evolving IRIS. Rather I would like to draw all of your attention to something very interesting that they were developing. Of course the development of IRIS gave them a good exposure to the world, but it simply doesn't make their innovation any less spectacular.

So let's talk about FRIDAY. No no no....not the weekend (It is certainly not a weekend but we always make it one.Gone are the days when Sunday used to be the only weekend...rather the term weekend was non-existent. Anyway, let's focus on the topic). That is what these guys were developing for almost a year now. Before I confuse you with all my explanations, just have a look at the video to see what it is( Doesn't need much more explaining...does it ?

The interesting thing is, this can tell you where you were, when your battery died last time or for that matter when you were talking to your girlfriend :P (Atrocious logic...why would someone like to know that....But you never know). And you know what, you can register for the Hangout in Google+ for this and check out the launch of friday-app. At least Google+ will have some more hits.

Check this out...And I will let you know about the features...till then....

This is Bishnu Signing Off.....

Saturday, October 15, 2011

iPhone 4S

After launch of iPhone 4s it disappoints many people who are expecting lots form it. It was a very important event as it took Apple long 13 months and there was no Steve Jobs this time. It’s the first iPhone launched with Out Steve Jobs taking stage. So there were lot of buzz and comparison of Tim Cook’s show with Steve Jobs. 
People expectation from Apple CEO on stage is very high, probably no other company’s product launch can match. There were lots of speculation that next version iPhone will all new design some thing like thinner, big screen etc.
Lets understand the realities, it is certainly very clear no body can step into Steve Jobs shoe. And unfortunately Steve Job can’t take stage anymore due to law of nature. 
And coming to new design, Apple can’t just change the design with each new version. If design change adds significant values then it makes sense. Design change also involves change in manufacturing process. And iPhone 4 is still the sexiest phone available  with respect to design.
With iPhone 4s it catch up with some linear hard ware changes like dual core processor, better antenna and better camera. Yes you can say even Samsung does same thing with each new version.  iPhone 4s comes with iOS 5 and iCloud. Those are phenomenal and game changing. But all of us knew about it before.
The surprise was “Siri”. It is voice recognize system. Which understand what you speak and carry out the task. Voice recoginize system us already there much before. But people don’t use that. The problem with it is we have to remember specific commands or key word and  need to tell it. In case of “Siri” user can talk naturally and Siri figure out what you mean. The words what you speak its not important it looks for the meaning of whole thing.  The beautiful example was “ What is the weather forecast today ? ” and “ Do I need to carry Umbrella today ? “. Siri is smart enough to understand both. Yes that was ground breaking.
It is the future how we interact with Computer. In 80s there were command based interaction, 90s graphical user interface came. The next thing is voice recognize system. Siri is a serious step towards it.
With Siri iPhone 4S is the most amazing device available on earth. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Remembering Steve Jobs

 Last 48 hours Facebook ,twitter all the social network flooded with tribute to Steve Jobs. I must say I saw some of the most innovative comments creative cartoons and  photographs of my life saying RIP Steve Jobs or remembering him. To talk about Steve Jobs some how people use their innovative brain they brings creativity or in other way they think different. Its not mac, not iPhone nor iPad ... its the idea "think different" which  is describe Steve Jobs.
Those people think different they not only just do their Job, they are there to make a difference. Those crazy people move the human race forward. Some times they appear like crazy not practical, some time they appear in black t-shirt and blue jeans in a formal meeting. But they change the way we live, they change our life.
Again going back to those comments at Facebook or twitters about Steve Jobs one thing is common  all are excellent one at that time. Excellence is another thing was very close to Steve Job. When iPod or iPhone he built it was excellent in all respect at that time. He had never settle for anything less than perfection. Its natural People use perfection or excellence with result. Actually these terms should used much before result.
If we don't plan for excellence , work for excellence then the result cant be excellent.
Steve will continue to motivate "Think differently" and will drive us for "Excellency". 


Saturday, October 1, 2011

ExtJs with Spring

ExtJs is an popular java script framework. To develop rich and interactive user interface, extjs is used. It is a basically library of java script component which are ready to use in webpage.
ExtJs components work very well with JSON data. If in server side we decide to Spring as framework. Its very easy to integrate ExtJs with Spring. In Spring MVC we can easily configure FTL (free marker technology)
for specific to ExtJs Component. FTL is something which is responsible to convert java objects to desired JSON object. So there can be a generic controller in Spring, Which can be derived by other controller as per application design. 
ExtJS component will talk to Spring controller which will return JSON objects.
Next thing I will try to put some code which will give a descent idea.