Tuesday, April 27, 2010


When Apple Computer decided to rehire Steve Job back. Nobody has imagined Steve will drop "Computer" from Apple. When industry was galloping with Microsoft Windows, Sun's new wonder internet programming langugae Java. Everybody placing them self in World wide Web, Internet compatibilty ..... Steve job started interdoucing some products with iX. After iPhone it is almost impossible to ignore of  "i".
Th most interesting part in India 70% people get their first digital exprenece through a mobile phone. It is very common to use mobile and still illitrate about computers. The penetration of "i" devices is much deeper than computers. So the $ can be generated form "i" applications or services are much higher than PC. As a java progreammer I am excited I just need 18kb to run my JVM. It is interesting to see which platform will rule in "i" devices.