Friday, August 5, 2011

My wall is my hoarding

Now a days when ever my laptop boots automatically in a browser facebook opens. As if it is integrated with booting process. In fact to be in facebook or any social networking site we don't have to switch on computer. They are right there in our mobile and tablet in form of Apps connecting 24 X 7. And why use social networking I never thought, may be Human is a social animal thats why. But because of social networking , it opens a new dimension of communication. For example in face book I like "Michael Jakson" music. When there is offer or discount on Mj's album Amazon shows some advisement for me. If Ford plan to launch its new model Figo in India it will make sure that Figo has a page in Facebook. Well it looks the new and hottest trend to promote product,service or brand in social networking site. And its working also. The information or content can pass form one people wall to other and reach lots of user in no time. So all most every digital content available in internet is connecting to these social networking site. And its so simple for instance if you like this particular article you can like/share by just clicking button below. And the information will be on your wall and your friends wall. If they do the same it can reach to tremendous number of people. So I thought its really fantastic and ground breaking. 
I was trying relate this with our traditional way of advertising, Where people use to put information in big hoarding or they put posters in the wall of our houses. And If I need to post some information for example I want to give the house on rent it can be put into on wall of my house. So we used to use our wall for both inflow and outflow of information. And the same thing we are doing online through social networking. 
The inception of G+ with circle,hangout concept bring more excitement. Now I can define my neighbor who can see which part of my wall I want to. And I can hangout with groups of people. It means more social stuff to virtual world. So some way we are moving towards what we used to do in real world is through computer. Its good or bad I don't have much idea. 
If I put together as they came first one to one messaging/scarping (Orkut) then the concept of wall where many to many communication (FB) now we have G+ where we have neighbor and hangout ... If we think in this line what will be next ...  


  1. fb, twitter, orkut, g+ seems to be a part of our DNA. Social media seems to be growing with inertia and innovation and imho loud and crowded at times.

  2. hmm..will people ever lose interest in other peoples lives? may be not!

    Looks like social networking will be there for long. Keep guessing what form it will take.

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