Saturday, July 6, 2013

ADF Tree Table javax.faces.model.NoRowAvailableException

Usually this issue appears with Tree Table, when we modify the model associated with the tree. The UI state (disclosure and section information) is captured corresponding UI component object. When the model is updated those state become invalid. And when the tree try to restore the old state with new set of data then there could be a situation where this NoRowAvailableException can occur.

To avoid this better to clear the selection when model is updated. And then immediately partial refresh the tree .

I had used something like this to clear.

 if (treeTable != null && treeTable .getDisclosedRowKeys()!=null ){
        treeTable .getDisclosedRowKeys().clear();

JBO-26001: NoXMLFileException

This exception comes in ADF BC projects. In my case <project>.jpx file was not part of deployment.
Run time BC needs the .jpx, As it is not able to find it throw JBO-26001: NoXMLFileException exception.
To make sure .jpx is part of deployment. Right click on project under deployment section check whether its included or not. If its not included add it.
Hope it solve the issue.