Friday, July 20, 2012

Do I need to google ?

To find anything in internet the best way is googling. Any one who use internet the first thing they learn is googling. When I say googling it include all web search like Bing,Yahoo etc. I do googling to read news, to watch video, to check weather, movie sports etc.Since information is scattered in different website, and they are too many to remember. So people use search engine to locate their content. Few years back everything was working in this pattern, we used to search stuffs on web and browse our content in random site. And search engines used to insert some sponsored links, advisement  in the web pages or in search result to earn their revenue.

In last few year few major things happened one is evolution of post pc devices such as iPad,iPhones and other android devices. Its clear that tablet sale is outpacing PC sale. If we combine tablet + smart phones the number will exceed the PC sales. It means more and more people are accessing internet through their post PC devices. In post PC devices poeple connect to internet through different apps. For example to see weather, to read news, to book movie ticket I use my apps on phone. I don't do any web search for that. It doesn't mean web search is reduced to 0 in post pc devices, certainly it decreased dramatically. As pattern of  digital content consumption in post pc devices are quite different. And more or less every body agree that the future is all about post pc devices. Country like India a whole lots of people get introduced to digital world through mobile phones.

The inception of Facebook only resonate Human is a social animal. I will prefer to ask my friends or read post something from closed group instead of searching randomly in internet. People spend more and more time with each other at Facebook. It automatically reduced the need of google search.

Last one but not least. Evolution of "Siri" and similar services in line with it created lots of noise in the area of local search. Currently Apple announced  map service integrated with Siri and opened to lots of Social App like Facebook, yelp gives many useful information to the users interactively.

Its not that anything of above will replace search in future. Search will be there but it won't be first choice anymore it will be the last option.