Friday, October 7, 2011

Remembering Steve Jobs

 Last 48 hours Facebook ,twitter all the social network flooded with tribute to Steve Jobs. I must say I saw some of the most innovative comments creative cartoons and  photographs of my life saying RIP Steve Jobs or remembering him. To talk about Steve Jobs some how people use their innovative brain they brings creativity or in other way they think different. Its not mac, not iPhone nor iPad ... its the idea "think different" which  is describe Steve Jobs.
Those people think different they not only just do their Job, they are there to make a difference. Those crazy people move the human race forward. Some times they appear like crazy not practical, some time they appear in black t-shirt and blue jeans in a formal meeting. But they change the way we live, they change our life.
Again going back to those comments at Facebook or twitters about Steve Jobs one thing is common  all are excellent one at that time. Excellence is another thing was very close to Steve Job. When iPod or iPhone he built it was excellent in all respect at that time. He had never settle for anything less than perfection. Its natural People use perfection or excellence with result. Actually these terms should used much before result.
If we don't plan for excellence , work for excellence then the result cant be excellent.
Steve will continue to motivate "Think differently" and will drive us for "Excellency". 


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  1. Very truly said!!...He will be missed a lot in the Digital & Technology Fraternity!! :-)