Saturday, July 10, 2010

java inside SAP

SAP is known for its enterprise package solution. As they are opening for Java. I had a chance to sneak inside System. In recent days I had a chance to work with SAP enterprise portal and web Dyanpro. The products are built such a way that they support java and ABAP. And final result will be a web application. The main difference is most of the library are available in SAP and as a developer need to reuse them. And SAP give a very strong environment to run the java. Java can run very smoothly inside SAP. Obviously inside SAP java has to compromise some of its freedom. But its OK who doesn't compromise in this world .

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


When Apple Computer decided to rehire Steve Job back. Nobody has imagined Steve will drop "Computer" from Apple. When industry was galloping with Microsoft Windows, Sun's new wonder internet programming langugae Java. Everybody placing them self in World wide Web, Internet compatibilty ..... Steve job started interdoucing some products with iX. After iPhone it is almost impossible to ignore of  "i".
Th most interesting part in India 70% people get their first digital exprenece through a mobile phone. It is very common to use mobile and still illitrate about computers. The penetration of "i" devices is much deeper than computers. So the $ can be generated form "i" applications or services are much higher than PC. As a java progreammer I am excited I just need 18kb to run my JVM. It is interesting to see which platform will rule in "i" devices.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Size does Matter

Every time a girl dump me. I always think "Pallab its all because of that extra 10 kilo". The center of the body is the center of attraction. Then I hit the trade mill and keep hitting the new girl . Any way when I look at the history of application development. We started with command interactive programs, then nice windows based GUI programs ( thanks to Windows who copied from Apple who stole from Xerox ....). And now a days super sexy web application. From command based program to GUI based programs was a huge difference in user experience. Well when the web application came there was a great difference in designing. My teacher taught me for web application the client should be thin,dumb which can only take input and render the output.
And the the server side programs are like god. For everything they are responsible, Whether mandatory field is missing or calculating age of the user when user has already entered the date of birth.Every time it need to request to server. To keep our server as God who can not fail we have to really spend lots of resource.
In last five years we had some fantastic note book in the market and they ship with some amazing browsers. Now we can not blame IE for every stupid script error. It means we can afford to be fat I mean we can migrate something from servers to the client. As our users are already spent good money to have those note book and browsers, lets use them. Allow the client to grow let it become fat .... you will see your application is how intelligent and how it can save money for you ...  So love fat ones because they are smart :)