Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Designing is a Luxury

It was a hot summer, I had joined a new team we all were working towards a new project. To understand the system and to arrive common understanding we were doing prototype and series of discussions with end users. I had a chance to part of design team. In that phase we had a review with our delivery manger. We updated the status like now we are designing the system and the status of the progress. The manager told "Well you have a luxury to design. Have fun." I thought whats the fuck design is essential and I read in all s/w life cycle book there is a design phase. Any way I forgot that statement as my brain was not able to process that statement further.
Then I tried to learn basic design concept, design pattern, Gang of 4 everything I found in internet. Somebody told me no need to reinvent the wheel use the existing solution available in pattern. My problem was to fit a pattern according to my requirement. Well some how I copied from existing design with little modification finished the design before dead line. We had a fantastic feed back in the review meeting. Then we kept it as a monument which we never use.

Its very obvious that developers needs freedom to write their implementation. If I want my design to be implemented its really important developer should understand. We can broadly say 2 things while doing/thinking about a design.
1) If tomorrow there is a change in business rule or a new feature is added, whether it can be plugged easily with out rebuilding the existing classes.
2) How I am going to communicate my idea to the developer, so that developer really can follow it
Still Thinking ....

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