Friday, May 6, 2011

Web services are Self Service

In my college days ... There used to be a techno fest. It is completely organised by students starting form event planning, marketing and execution. All students were contributing in some way. With some friends I had planned to put a food stall in the college for event. The college campus was 20km away from city, and in the event normal canteen service is shutdown. So food stall is hot cash business in that situation. We wanted to make some money by creating some value.But we had no idea how to manage a restaurant for two days. We decided to buy foods from a restaurant from the city and we will serve the same food in our stall with some higher price.
And the idea worked we made some handsome profit. And the students also appreciated the food quality.....

Some time to provide some service to end user the service provider need to consume some other service. In this scenario a system need to use service/resource of another system. If it happens on web (www) then it is called web service. It is a standard way how two system can interact. Normally one system host some service the other consume. At the end of the day user get the complete service :)


  1. nobody had ever explained web service in this way ;)

  2. beautifully explained with practical example :)