Friday, January 13, 2012

Something is in Air

If some on follow computers actually (nowadays its other way computers follow us) must heard about cloud. And the computer guys always copy the terms from real world to use. Like Inheritance, Cloud , Mouse etc ... sometime the original meaning of these words must be thinking to sue for copyright violation.
Well copying and stealing is never a problem in this industry. It is always appreciated.
"Cloud" is such a term today no one can afford to miss it. Companies, Developers and Customers  everybody like to have it.
Well lets understand what does Cloud means and how it make sense. To start we can say your computer is connected to another computer. Then networking is there from more than last 20 years. Each year its becoming more powerful. Computer can connect with each other they can send data and receive from another computer. The next thing was application which run on network by using resource of multiple computer. Web applications are fall in this category. They run in server and user can work with it remotely.
The service providers are hosting the service in server and can cater to multiple user, that brings down end user cost of using service. The application is customized as per users preference. This is something called application on cloud. Actually it is nothing but same web application. And it is customized as per user or groups of user.
Another thing is Computer infrastructure or platform on cloud. Its like you will able to use remote server, database or application server. Amazon, Oracle and Google provide these kind of service. Here the application developers can use these platform to develop, test and host. And its easy to scale as per usage. So its a very cost effective way of using resource. Still there are some concerns with data security, organisations are comfortable to store there important data in remote data center.
And another third category of cloud services are kind of hybrid between platform and application, Salesforce, Oracle public cloud and Apple's iCloud are such example. These gives developers platform to write application on cloud.
Certainly for medium/small scale industries can use cloud services for their IT needs. It enable to have good IT system in lower price.


  1. Dude, I need a free web host or at least the cheapest one with no ads. What do you recommend?

  2. For DNS is the cheapest in my knowledge.
    For free tomcat have look in