Friday, March 16, 2012

new iPad

After more than one year apple released new version of iPad. And they named it "new iPad". With in less than 2 years people around the globe accepted iPad as a new way of computing and in a lots of way iPad is changing life. Apple is successfully building the ecosystem and content by its app store, iTunes, iCloud and the latest iBook which makes iPad more and more useful.
The new iPad got lots of hardware up-gradation in compare to previous version iPad2. In original iPad Steve Job used to claim it gives a magical experience. And the  experience comes from display and touch. To make the magical experience further better, the new iPad got retina display. And this is big break through in terms of display. To complement it new iPad got a better processor, better camera and new generation antenna system.
In the same event apple had released new version of iWork, iPhoto and iMovie. And these are very powerful and simple apps which specially built for iPad. With apps each day iPad is adding more capability to itself. I am thrilled to see iBook. Reading textbook was never so fun before. It makes book reading more interactive.
I was anticipating new ipad will get Siri. Last year apple introduced Siri with iPhone 4s. which created a whole new way to interact with the system. According to me that is the one this new iPad is missing. Its a great tablet with same old price. I just hope it will be in India soon in right price.

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