Saturday, August 3, 2013

Internationalization Of af:query

I found ADF af:query is very useful. It provide out of box search and reporting capability. Typically we define some search criteria in View Object, and we use that criteria as af:query component.
All the labels we see in the page can be internationalized by using resource bundle in normal way.
For some labels we can use the below properties of af:query
                              ·         headerText
                              ·         resetButtonText
                              ·         saveButtonText
                              ·         searchButtonText
“Advanced” and “Saved Search” automatically take care. In fact all these labels are automatically translated as per locale. Only to support the language for which translation is not available or you want to have your customize label you can use above properties.
And rest of the labels can be customized or internationalized by using resource bundle configured for application module. To do so we need to modify the attribute of view object, In Control Hints section, Label Text filed can be modified to point right message key from the bundle.

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