Sunday, December 9, 2018

Java Interview Preparation article :1

Time and again I get requests to write on preparation for interviews in Java. So I am planning to write series of post targeting interview preparation.
To start if the interview is for service based company the key is breadth. And for product based company its the depth. The exception for (breadth/depth) is directly proportional to years of experience.
Another point I want to make entry level roles (0 years to 5 years) you need to do well in java interview rounds to get selected. For more experience this round is kind of elimination round.

Topics in core Java

  1. OOPs concept
  2. Java key word, more priority to the latest released key words.
  3. Inheritance, interface, marker interface, abstract class and is a has a relationship  
  4. Enums
  5. The details about java.lang.Object 
  6. Strings 
  7. Exception handling
  8. Collections 
  9. Threads and Concurrent Package
  10. Design Pattern
All these topics will cover good amount of ground. There might be some here and there question about garbage collection, jvm architecture, java memory management etc. Those questions were more relevant when java was dominant. Now we see the increase popularity of python, Scala so its kind of ok to focus energy in understanding other topics.

Once you get thorough these topic next stage is Java in web development, which we will see in another post. 

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